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Swimwear for the Bigger Busted.

Shopping for swimwear makes me feel sick, as a naturally bigger busted girls it can be quite difficult to find any swimwear that will make sure your girls wont fall out. After booking a holiday to a beautiful resort I am definitely on the hunt for some appropriate swimwear. And its making me so, so excited.

Now, lets get excited for holidays!!

South Beach Ruffle Swimsuit. £30.00.

I love this so much! This orange off the shoulder South Beach Ruffle Swimsuit is so flattering! Supporting the girls, with a secured strap across the body. The off the shoulder Aztec trim  is truly beautiful- subtle enough to ad some detail but not enough to be in your face. It could be teamed with shorts for a cute casual outfit. Or just used as it by the pool.

Pour Moi Getaway Swimsuit. £35.00.

This stunning red swimsuit will truly make you stand out from the crowd. The feminine frills and cute detailing all aid to help support bigger busts. I will definitely be purchasing very soon. I have nothing else to…

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